I am very passionate about what I do so to me it is very important to choose the right projects to become better. I strive to become better everyday.
Therefore I have to be picky. Please send me what you are thinking of getting and I will get back to you. All exciting projects get priority.
The info I need is:
    What do you want to get (motive)?
    Where on your body?
    Size (just approximate)
    Color or black and grey (very important)


Please send your request to my instagram account (gunnar_v_tattoo), my Facebook or my email

It is always good to get some pictures of what you want to get. Although I will make my own design then it is still good to see what you had in mind.

I charge 10.000 - 14.000 (NOK Norwegian kroner/ approx 1000 - 1400 euro) for a full day session. If we do two days in a row, which I prefer for larger projects, then I charge 7.000 - 10.000 for the second day depending on the project. I work very efficiently compared to some artists and finish in one day what some other artists finish in two days. But that of course depends on the project. A full day rate can be lower if we are for example just finishing a tattoo that we have started. Don´t be afraid to ask about prices.



We only accept DEBIT cards. That means that if you for example have a Mastercard DEBIT or VISA DEBIT then we accept these cards. But no CREDIT cards are accepted.

The styles that I am most interested in is large scale colour or black and grey work. I work almost only within Realism (from photographs) or in Surrealistic such as Double exposure or things in that direction. I love to tattoo animals and landscape or anything to do with nature. Portraits of celebrities or also a priority.

I am looking forward to hearing what you are thinking of getting!

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