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  • 2. Prices
    I don´t have a set hourly rate, but I charge around 10000NOK for a full day session. Contact me for more accurate price estimate!
  • 5. Do you do cover-ups?
    I do coverups in rare cases,when I see that a good outcome is possible and that the customer is open to my suggestions.
  • 3. What do you prefer to tattoo?
    I mostly like to do realism. Black and grey or color requests are appreciated!
  • 7. Anything else you are wondering about?
    Contact me on or !
  • 1. How long is the wait?
    You can usually be in my chair in around 2 to 4 weeks after contacting me!
  • 4. Do you work on weekends?
    Sometimes. Check with me!
  • 6. When do you design my tattoo?
    Most of the time I do it with the customer, in the morning of the tattoo appointment day. I don't design tattoos for people that don't have appointments.
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