I specialize in black and grey realism tattoos. 


Educated as fine artist (The Swedish Academy of Realist Art, Sweden), and as a designer (Shenkar College, Israel), I aim to give tattoos the same quality of oil paintings and drawings inspired by the old masters, with modern tools. My tattoos focus on highly detailed and rendered technique, promising the best quality possible to my clients.


I focus on tattooing in realism and watercolor styles, but if you wish for any other style - don't hesitate to contact me as I love diversity and creativity. If I'll think the project fits better another artist from the team - I'll gladly forward your message with your consent. 


RESPONSE TIME: Please allow up to 2 weeks response time. Due to the amount of messages it might take a while, but I answer everyone - so don't stress.


***If the form doesn´t work, please send an email to: 


Please write in English. 

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